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Purchasing or Leasing? Dealing with Evictions in Bexar County?

Are you buying real estate? Renting and signing a lease? What is a Purchase Agreement and what should it address? What are your responsibilities and rights under your lease? What are legally acceptable reasons for eviction and what are the right steps in the eviction process? Before you buy or lease your next home, office, or investment property, or face the eviction process, contact Bud Glavy, Glavy Law, for personal, responsive, and timely assistance. Get an experienced, detailed oriented attorney, at affordable rates, who will review your contracts, prepare the necessary documents, write effective and protective provisions, and represent you during negotiations or through disputes.

Don’t Sign Your Purchase and Sale Agreement or Your Lease Before Contacting Glavy Law!

Whether you’re a first-timer, experienced business owner, or investor buying, selling, or leasing your next home, office, or investment property, get the help you deserve. You deserve assistance in these complicated and expensive transactions from a qualified lawyer whose goal is your protection from costly mistakes and unnecessary liabilities. Glavy Law can provide you with legal services from the beginning, the middle, or the end of your transactions protecting you and saving you time and money. Contact Glavy Law for any of the following legal services:

  • Reviewing and drafting your Purchase and Sale Agreements;
  • Reviewing and drafting your Leases and their Addenda;
  • Representing you during sale and lease negotiations;
  • Representing you through mediation and litigation when disputes arise;

Your next step is contacting Glavy Law for help with your Purchase and Sale Agreement or Lease.

Don’t Go Through the Eviction Process, Alone! Contact Glavy Law for the Help You Deserve.

Eviction is a serious matter for Landlords and Tenants, alike. You must understand and follow required procedures for eviction set out in your lease and under Texas law. Glavy Law provides legal services related to evictions and the eviction process, including:

  • Advising and negotiating on your behalf to resolve matters prior to eviction;
  • Drafting the Notice to Vacate;
  • Drafting and filing the Forcible Detainer (or Forcible Entry and Detainer) petition with the correct Justice of the Peace (JP);
  • Representing you, whether you are a Landlord or Tenant at your eviction hearing before the JP;
  • Drafting and filing a Writ of Possession;
  • Drafting and filing an appeal with the County Court at Law.

Whether you are a Landlord or Tenant contact Glavy Law for proven assistance, knowledge, and representation through the entire eviction process.

Need Help With Landlord/Tenant/Real Estate Concerns?

Contact Glavy Law for preparation of the necessary documents for your next real estate purchase. Get the right documents prepared for your transaction from Purchase and Sales Agreements to Deeds.

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