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Estate Planning & Administration

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Consider your future, and the future of those you love by planning ahead

What steps have you taken to protect your spouse and kids? Do you have a Will? Who is your Executor? Did you name a Guardian for your children? What is Probate? What is Independent Administration? Glavy Law can help you with these questions. 

Save time and money. Glavy Law helps San Antonio families plan their future.

Many people believe they don’t need a Will because they don’t have enough property. Some married couples believe a Will is unnecessary because everything goes to the surviving spouse upon their death. Estate Planning considers you, your family, and possibly your business. By planning now, you can continue caring for your spouse and children when you are unable. Glavy Law can help you responsibly plan your future by: 

  • Meeting with you and thoroughly discussing your concerns and needs;
  • Designing an affordable plan for you and your family;
  • Drafting and executing necessary Advance Directives including: Directives to Physicians, Medical Powers of Attorney and Statutory Durable Powers of Attorney;
  • Drafting and executing personalized Wills identifying necessary Executors and Guardians and requiring Independent Administration;
  • Drafting and Executing Trusts fitting your needs and objectives;
  • Guiding you through the proper designations for life insurance, retirement plans and bank accounts as well as joint ownership assets.

Glavy Law provides experienced representation during Probate and Estate Administration.

After a loved one dies, there may be a need for Estate Administration. The usual initial questions are,“Is there a Will? And does it need to be probated?” Contact Glavy Law for the help you deserve. Glavy Law will:

  • Help you determine if probating the Will is necessary or if Probate Alternatives fit;
  • Provide alternatives if no Will is found;
  • Prepare and file the necessary Probate documents including the Application and Proof of Facts as well as Resident Agent request, if necessary;
  • Provide representation at the Probate hearing and througout the Estate Administration process;
  • Draft and file the necessary Estate Administration documents including Creditor Notices and Inventory;
  • Guide you when confronted with Creditors’ claims.

Glavy Law helps San Antonio and Bexar County families with Estate Planning and Administration matters by providing personal, responsive, and thoughtful legal services at affordable rates. Contact Bud Glavy and set an appointment.

Need Help With Your Estate Planning and Administration?

Contact Glavy Law for experienced representation and thorough estate planning expertise. We’ve been helping families for many years, and we want to assist you with these important matters.

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