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Entity Formation & Governance

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San Antonio Area Attorney Helping Small Businesses Stay Profitable and Limit Liabilities

Glavy Law provides personal, responsive and thoughtful legal services to small businesses.

Entrepreneurs, Start Ups, and Small Business Owners deserve personal, responsive, and thoughtful legal services at affordable pricing. Glavy Law is available for consultation when planning a business structure and when creating the right structure for your plans. Whether Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Partnership, or Corporation (Inc.) is the right structure for you, Glavy Law can provide necessary services such as detailing the different structures, assisting you with the selection of the right structure, and preparing the necessary formation, structure, and governance documents. Glavy Law will ensure the proper formation documents are filed with the Secretary of State’s Office and will draft appropriate and specifically tailored structure and governance documents, such as, Company Agreement, Partnership Agreement, or Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. Contact Glavy Law for a business planning consultation.

Glavy Law serves Small Businesses, who need affordable and reliable day-to-day legal services. Glavy Law provides personal, responsive, and thoughtful service for transaction negotiations, contract drafting and review, federal and state equal employment and wage and hour compliance, workplace harassment and overtime investigations, and representation in employment matters before state and federal agencies and courts.

Glavy Law provides your business with experienced legal services for:

  • Negotiating and contracting your next business transaction, whether it is a purchase or a lease of real estate or assets;
  • Reviewing your compliance with state and federal equal employment laws, such as state and federal discrimination and disability laws;
  • Reviewing employment handbooks and the legal sufficiency of discrimination, harassment, and bullying policies;
  • Advising and assisting with family medical leave and disability reasonable accommodation issues;
  • Reviewing your compliance with federal minimum wage and overtime laws, including job classifications for exempt and non-exempt status under the current regulations;
  • Assisting with investigations into workplace discrimination or harassment complaints;
  • Representing your interests in employment matters before the state Texas Workforce Commission, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and state and federal courts.

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Need Help with Your Business Questions?

Contact Glavy Law today to get assistance with protecting your business and personal assets when going into business. It’s important to meet state and federal guidelines to avoid stiff penalties related to non-compliance, and Glavy Law can help you ensure you are doing the right things when it comes to organizing business entities and limiting liability.

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